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Jam Vs Peanut Butter

Graham at Deerview Fine Foods was recently contacted by BBC Sussex to talk about the rise in popularity of peanut butter, figures are showing that Peanut Butter sales are starting to overtake the sales of Jams.

What do you prefer? Jam or Peanut butter.

Graham says 'We make lots of Jam and we eats lots of jam, its delicous.....what can be better than Fruit & Sugar, thats the way we make it and how it has been made for years, its how you would make it at home. Its not just for putting on toast or in a sandwich, you use it in baking, you can use it as a sauce, a dollop on ice cream and lets not forget about rice pudding!'

Although peanut butter is nice (to some, not me!) is there anyone than can convince us that Peanut Butter is better?

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