Oxford Isis

Oxford Isis


The Oxford Isis is washed in honey mead & matured for a month. The cheese is fully presented in a wooden box and itis made by using a fresh cheese as the base product which is then sprayed and ripened with Oxfordshire Honey Mead. Over a period of time the cheese alters in character and matures on to a creamy consistency and develops a pronounced flavour and flowery aroma. 


Even though the cheese has not been advertised or promoted to any great extent it is already in demand by some of the country’s top restaurants and specialist retailers.

Recently in 2007 & 2008 the Oxford Isis was available at The Wimbledon Tennis Championships and Royal Ascot among other venues. In 2008/2009 Oxford Isis was on the menus of meals served on first class Eurostar London to Paris and first class British Airways flights.

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