Cave Aged Wookey hole Large Truckle 1.8KG

Cave Aged Wookey hole Large Truckle 1.8KG


An enormous 1.8kg Cave aged Wookey hole Cheddar truckle perfect to work through over the festive holidays.  


Award winning traditional cheddar aged in the caves of Wookey Hole which provides its  distinctive earthy, nutty flavours from the Caves unique atmosphere. 


Maturing cheese in Caves is a practice that dates back many hundreds of years.  The cheesemakers at Dorset-based Ford Farm, have revived this art by ageing their traditional, hand-made farmhouse cheddar truckles in the historic caves at Wookey Hole in Somerset.  The constant, year-round temperature and humidity offers the ideal conditions to create a cheddar that is deliciously rich, tangy and mature.


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